What Are My Second-Trimester Pregnancy Options in Binghamton, NY

If you are currently in the second trimester of your pregnancy, you have three options in the state of New York: parenthood, adoption, and surgical abortion up to 24 weeks gestational age. Exceptions include life endangerment to the woman or a nonviable pregnancy.

What Are All of My Pregnancy Options?

If you are in week 13 to week 26 of your pregnancy, you are in the second trimester. You might feel pressure to make the decision soon, but it’s important to research each option and choose the one that is the best fit for you. 

If you are considering abortion, medication abortions are only approved up to 10 weeks gestation by the FDA. If you are further along than this, an in-person visit to a clinic would be required for a surgical abortion.

A surgical abortion is legal in the state of New York up to 24 weeks post-fertilization. If you are uncertain of the exact age of your pregnancy, we can provide a referral for a no-cost, on-site ultrasound to verify the gestational age.

The other two options are parenting and adoption. If you’re interested in either of those options, we can help connect you with resources, local organizations, or adoption agencies. Your pregnancy decision is very personal and up to you to make.

How Much Do These Options Cost?

For abortion, the cost depends on many factors, such as how far along you are, what your healthcare covers (if applicable), and any additional expenses like travel or follow-up appointments. In 2022, surgical abortions can cost up to $2000 in addition to medication costs after the procedure.

Parenting and childbirth costs differ by state and insurance coverage. If your income is below a certain level, you can apply for Medicaid in the state of New York.

If you are considering adoption, the adoptive family will typically cover the healthcare expenses of the pregnancy, and other expenses depending on local laws.

Schedule a No-Cost Appointment

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We are here to make sure you do not feel alone on this journey and to provide support. Contact us today! 

Life Choices Center does not perform or refer for abortions.