At different stages in your life, you have important choices to make. Even as early as grade school, you are making choices. Whether it is your friends, activities or if you like bologna over peanut butter sandwiches, you are beginning to choose for yourself. We are called Life Choices Center because we know choices get harder as you get older and often the consequences do too. That is why we offer a number of free support services and educational classes.

Educational Opportunities

Often, when adults look back at their lives, they think, “If only I had known more about that I would have made a different choice.” Well, here is your chance to know more about life issues that concern you as you mature.

Positive Choices

Our Positive Choices program will educate and empower you to make good decisions about your relationships and sexuality. We’ll provide the space and the opportunity for you to talk, and hopefully learn, about some options you may have never considered.

We know it pays off to make positive choices, and we’ll provide support for you as you navigate your own choices. And we’re not afraid to talk about the tough stuff. Sex. Love. Broken hearts. Self worth. If you’re dealing with it, we’ll talk about it.

Smart Choices

Our parenting classes and mentoring program are designed to help new moms and dads tackle the world’s most challenging yet rewarding job!

Smart Choices* begins with a series of small group classes that cover essential topics like nutrition, first aid, and baby-proofing the home.  The second phase of Smart Choices involves meeting with a mentor one-on-one to continue learning the ins and outs of parenthood.  Lessons cover topics such as pregnancy, child development, stress management, discipline, and budgeting.

Our group parenting classes are currently being offered virtually (via Zoom), so you can participate without having to leave your home!  Call/Text 607-205-8506 to register.

*All classes are evidence-based and are recognized by Broome County Family Court*

smart choices program flyer

Earn While You Learn program

Participants in our Smart Choices program earn points that can be spent in our Baby Store, which is stocked with new and nearly new items such as high chairs, strollers, cribs, baby clothes, toys, diapers, wipes, and many other necessities.

Text/Call: (607) 205.8506 email:

Post Abortion (Beyond the Choice)

The pain from an abortion can be deep and long-lasting, but you don’t have to live with that pain forever. In our free Beyond the Choice abortion recovery program:

We don’t judge. We don’t offer a quick fix. We offer a listening ear and support from people who have been there and know what it’s like to experience healing.

Call or Text us today to learn about the free resources that are available to help with your healing process or to talk with someone who understands. Your identity and information will be kept strictly confidential.

Call or text us at (607) 205.8506 or Email:

Men’s Program

At Life Choices Center, we strive to have resources available for all those affected by an unplanned pregnancy! Our Men’s Program is lead and supported by male mentors, and has two main purposes:

  • We aim to support, encourage, and mentor young fathers as they experience the joys and challenges of parenthood.
  • We hope to reach young men before they become fathers in order to educate and empower them to make wise decisions in life.

We would love to meet you, talk with you, and come alongside you in your journey! Call or text us (607)205.8506 or email to get connected with our Men’s Program.

Life Choices Center is not a medical facility and does not perform or refer for abortions.