Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Are you in a healthy relationship?  You deserve to be in a healthy relationship!  Healthy relationships can inspire, encourage, and bring out the very best in both people involved.

Here are seven signs that your relationship is healthy:

  1. You feel safe.  It is important to feel safe with your partner.  In a healthy relationship, you feel physically and emotionally safe.  You know that they would never do anything to intentionally cause you physical or emotional harm, and they feel the same way about you!!
  2. You trust your partner.  Does this person honor their commitments?  Do they tell the truth?  Do they trust you?  A healthy relationship needs trust.  You need to be able to trust them to make decisions and to know that they are going to follow through with what they say.  You also trust them to make good decisions regarding who they spend time with and what they do, even when they’re not with you.  A healthy relationship involves both people trusting each other and being worthy of that trust.
  3. You feel free to be you.  Are you able to be yourself with your partner?  In a healthy relationship, both parties may value their partner’s approval, but they have the space to be themselves and still feel loved and cared for.  Healthy relationships involve both people feeling free to have their own hobbies and dreams.  You should have this feeling while still feeling secure and loved without feeling the pressure to change to meet your partner’s expectations.
  4. You respect each other.  In a healthy relationship, there is mutual respect.  You respect each other as unique individuals.  Each person feels as if they can set boundaries, both emotionally and physically, and they will be honored and respected.  Even in the midst of deep discussion, both people understand that their boundaries will be respected.  Healthy relationships include both parties being treated with dignity, being valued, and having their boundaries respected!
  5. You have fun!  Relationships can be hard work, and although they may not always be fun, it is important to be able to enjoy and have fun with each other.  You should be able to laugh, smile, and enjoy each other’s company!
  6. You communicate.  Communication can be tough, however, healthy relationships involve both people being able to share their thoughts, their ideas, and their feelings in a safe environment.  You should be able to share honestly without fear.  All couples fight at times, but healthy relationships seek to understand and reach agreements.  Telling your partner your thoughts and feelings should not fill you with fear and dread.  You should be able to share openly and honestly.
  7. You feel valued and cared for.  In a healthy relationship, you feel valued.  You should feel as if your partner cares for you, just as you care and value them.  Both people in a relationship should feel valued and cared for, not just with words but with actions!  Everyone deserves a healthy relationship where they feel valued and cared for!

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