How Soon After Giving Birth Can I Become Pregnant Again?

After giving birth, a doctor may recommend that a woman wait to have sex until around six weeks postpartum, and once sexual activity resumes, it is common to wonder if you can get pregnant right away.  When a woman resumes being sexually active after giving birth, her body may still be healing physically, she may be breastfeeding, and her period may not have yet returned.  All of these factors may make it seem like getting pregnant is not very likely, but women can become pregnant in as little as three weeks after giving birth.  On average, most women that are not breastfeeding will have their monthly cycle return around 6-8 weeks postpartum, but it could appear a little sooner or even later, depending on the person.

Breastfeeding is sometimes seen as a method of birth control because it can suppress ovulation and delay the start of a regular period, but this is NOT a reliable method of birth control.  A mother’s milk supply may decrease due to various reasons such as lactation issues, baby’s sleep schedule, supplementing with formula or solid foods, etc., and this can affect a woman’s cycle.  Even if you are not yet having a monthly period after giving birth, you CAN still become pregnant.

If you have recently given birth, have resumed sexual activities, and are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, you may want to take a pregnancy test.  We understand that wondering if you are pregnant or becoming pregnant again soon after giving birth can feel overwhelming.  We can help!  At Life Choices Center, we provide FREE pregnancy tests, a non-judgmental, confidential listening ear, and helpful, medically accurate information about all your options along with resources to help you.  Call or text us today at 607-205-8506.

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