COVID-19 is changing our lives in a lot of different ways. Many of us spend our days at home, leaving only for essential trips to the grocery store, for exercise, or perhaps an essential job. Unfortunately, an unplanned pregnancy cannot be put on pause because of a pandemic or any other big life events, and chaotic times can add to the stress of an unplanned pregnancy.

To help you navigate the uncertainty of a pregnancy during the
COVID-19 crisis, here are some helpful tips:

Take a deep breath …

Find a quiet place, turn off your phone, grab a hot cup of tea, and take a deep breath. It may not feel like it, but you will be okay. There will be days ahead where you will feel happiness and peace. There will be difficult days, but you are strong and can get through it! You have a big decision to make, I won’t negate that, but take a moment to remind yourself that YOU WILL BE OKAYz

Don’t feel rushed and don’t feel pressured into a decision …

Don’t feel pressure to make this decision right away. Take time to think and to process so that you make the best decision possible. If someone is pressuring you to make a decision quickly or pressuring you to make a decision at all, understand that this is a form of abuse and is illegal. If you need to, seek help or leave. Shelters and other crisis homes, as well as hotlines for victims of abuse, are still operating while following the current regulations. Abortion coercion is illegal. YOU make the decision that is best for YOU, and don’t allow threats of what someone may do or withhold from you, force you into a decision that you don’t want to make.

Make an educated and empowered decision …

You have options, and you deserve the right to make an empowered decision! If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy during the COVID-19 crisis, you still deserve to know the facts so that you can make the very best decision. Don’t let this crisis steal your right to an informed choice! The uncertainty of a pandemic, the fear that may come with the loss of school
or work, and the lack of social support may be weighing heavily on you, but I encourage you to remember that this current situation will not last forever, and you still have options.

Make a decision based upon the hope of tomorrow and not the fear of today!

It may not feel like it, but there are multiple options available to those facing an unplanned pregnancy. For example, there are different abortion procedures, mainly based upon gestation, there are programs to provide support if you choose to parent, and adoptions are customizable to your preferences. YOU have a choice, and I encourage you to educate yourself on all of your different options.

One of the best ways to be fully informed when making this decision is to have an ultrasound. An ultrasound will show how many weeks pregnant you are, as well as help ensure that there are no other complications that could endanger you. This important information will help you make the best decision for you! For example, certain abortion procedures can only be done during certain weeks of the pregnancy. An ultrasound will reveal what options are available to you. Pregnancy resource centers offer FREE ultrasounds, and under most insurances and in many states, pregnancy related care is low cost or free. Call or text us at Life Choices Center. We would be happy to sit down with you and share medically accurate information to help you make an informed decision. We can also schedule you for a FREE, limited, first trimester ultrasound. ALL of our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

Remind yourself that you are not alone …

Facing an unplanned pregnancy may make you feel as if you are alone. I won’t deny the fact that COVID-19 has caused some lonely days in everyone’s lives, but remind yourself that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! If you need someone to talk to, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! We are here to listen to you ~ without any judgement ~ and to offer you confidential support. Call or text us at 607-205-8506.

Life Choices Center is not a medical facility and does not perform or refer for abortions.