Advocates for abortion access have been concerned about the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, and there are many different rumors that can make it difficult to understand its practical and immediate implications. 

What does this mean for women’s healthcare? Has abortion been banned in all 50 states? How much will abortion access be restricted? 

Read the rest of this article for answers to these questions and more.

What It Means that Roe v. Wade Was Overturned

Roe v. Wade guaranteed that abortion was a federally protected right. This means that, since its ruling in 1973, it has been considered a constitutionally granted right in the United States.

This decision was re-examined by the Supreme Court in the recent Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, and it was decided that this right is actually not included in the US Constitution.

This does not mean that abortion is immediately banned in every state, but it does remove its protection as a Constitutional right. The ability to determine if abortion is allowed or not is handed back to state governments. 

Does New York Currently Grant Abortion Access? 

New York codified abortion in the 2019 Reproductive Health Act, legalizing abortion up to the point of viability (up to 24 weeks after conception).

After viability (24 weeks), abortion is banned unless the mother’s health is in danger.

Will This Limit Women’s Access to Healthcare?

A woman can have access to abortion up to the point of viability, and after that, if her physical or mental health is endangered, an exception is allowed. 

Women’s access to healthcare will in no way be changed. Women with high-risk pregnancies or who are experiencing natural miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies will have access to the medical attention that they need.

Why You Should Schedule an Ultrasound Before an Abortion

New York allows medication abortions to be prescribed through a telehealth appointment, but a vital health screening of ultrasound is sometimes skipped when this happens. 

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