Do I have to tell my partner I want an abortion?

There is no ideal moment for an unplanned pregnancy. If you have confirmed your pregnancy and are confident that you want an abortion, you may be wondering the best way (or if) you should share the news and your decision with your partner.

Legally, you are not obligated to tell him; the choice is yours. However, because he is your partner and is partially responsible for this pregnancy, it is not only fair to tell him, but it is also an opportunity for you both to grow closer than ever by working through it.

Read this article for steps to navigate this with empathy and confidence.

Choose the Right Time and Place to Tell Him

Choose an appropriate time and place to tell him so you can both freely express yourselves. 

Opt for a distraction-free environment, such as at home or during a private walk. Consider a public setting or have a friend with you if needed.

Give Him Time and Space to Process the News

When you share the news with your partner, be prepared for various responses. Like you, he may experience surprise and need time to process the information and assess his feelings about your decision.

Try genuinely listening to and understanding his feelings when he’s ready to talk. It’s important to listen to and understand his perspective while considering that no one should coerce you into making a choice you’re uncomfortable with.

To boost your confidence before the conversation, take the initiative to gather more details about your pregnancy, such as the age and viability of the pregnancy (as up to 26% of pregnancies end in miscarriage).

Our center offers referrals for onsite, no-cost ultrasounds where you can get all this information confidentially.

Schedule a Consultation

The decision to terminate a pregnancy is ultimately yours, not your partner’s. However, it can have significant impacts on your well-being and relationship if there is disagreement. 

Life Choices Center provides no-cost options consultations where both you and your partner can ask questions, explore alternatives, and receive medically accurate information in a confidential and compassionate setting.

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