Celebrate Women's History Month

This is the month that we celebrate courageous women in history and the ways they motivate women of today toward great things.  I encourage you to allow this month to move you into action and help you to inspire others, to reach out to women in your community, and to allow yourself to dream big!

Here are a few ways that you can celebrate Women’s History Month today or any time of the year!


Read a book by a woman author, or a book about an amazing woman in history.  This month, I picked up a classic written by Louisa May Alcott, along with another book by current author Priscilla Shier, to inspire personal growth in my life.  I have also been learning more about the amazing life of Susan B. Anthony.  During the month of March, most stores, both online and in-person, are highlighting books about women or books written by women.  I encourage you to buy a book, download an E-book, or read a couple of articles about or by women.

Write a letter to an amazing woman in your life (or a couple of women).

Take some time to tell a woman in your life that she is amazing.  Offer her some encouragement.  Send a letter to a woman in your community that you look up to ~ a female teacher who inspired you, your go-getter aunt who motivates you, your mother who displays grace and love, or your friends who are working hard in school or work or are spending their days loving their babies.  Spend a few minutes letting a woman in your life know that she inspires, motivates, and sets an example for you, and that she is doing a great job!

Research and get involved in a local organization that is serving women in your community.

Gain awareness of the local organizations that support and help women in your community.  If you can, support them in any way that you are able.  Perhaps you could volunteer some time to help young women at a pregnancy resource center, or maybe you could plan a virtual fundraiser to raise money for something that your local women’s shelter needs, or you could use your social media influence to bring awareness to the many resources that the local domestic violence organization has to offer, or shed a light on their needs in case your friends are able to help.

Encourage the younger generation of women.

Take a moment and think about the women in your life.  Do you have friends that have daughters, younger sisters, nieces?  Do you know younger women in your school or workplace?  Strive to be a good role model and take a moment to encourage them with a quick conversation, an encouraging letter, an inspiring gift, or a chat over coffee.  You might be the person that inspires the next generation of women towards greatness by being a role model and an encouragement to the young ladies in your life!

Shop a woman-owned brand or local business.

Shopping is so much fun and is a great way to help business women reach their goals and achieve their dreams.  Women’s History Month has motivated me to spend my coffee money at a local coffee shop that is owned and operated by a wonderful woman!  This has given me the opportunity to make connections, drink delicious coffee, and support another woman in my community.  I also encourage you to check out the many different companies that sell beautiful jewelry, clothing, and homegoods that have been made by women in third world countries, women who have escaped sex trafficking, or women who have left violent relationships.  There are many companies that offer beautiful products that support women as they seek healing and a healthier life.


Finally, I encourage you to be inspired this month.  Take some time to think about your goals for your life and don’t allow yourself to feel as if your dreams are insignificant or unattainable.  Whether you dream about working for a Fortune 500 company, becoming an author, having lots of kids and staying at home, spending every day with them, becoming a doctor, starting your own business, teaching the next generation, becoming a pastor, or working in a non-profit.  Whatever your dreams are, allow yourself to be inspired and start planning steps to help you achieve those dreams.  Don’t allow the people in your life, society, or culture to tell you that you are not enough, not worthy, or not capable.  Go for it!  You can do it!  Be inspired by the women who have gone before you, and allow yourself to dream.  History is filled with ordinary women who accomplished amazing things.  YOU can be one of those women too!

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