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Adoption is not a one size fits all option.  When adoption is chosen, the birth mother gets to create a plan for what she believes is best for her child.  She makes decisions regarding the adoptive family, the home life, and how much involvement she will have.  The birth mother is in the driver’s seat.  Adoption is an individualized, customizable option.

There are three different types of adoption plans:

Open Adoption:

In an open adoption, the birth mother (and birth father if he is involved) and the adoptive family exchange full names, and oftentimes, contact information.  The birth mother can choose to be very involved or can make decisions with the adoptive family as to when/if they will exchange letters, texts, calls, pictures, or be involved in each other’s lives in-person.

Semi-Open Adoption:

In this form of adoption, the adoption agency, or another third party, assists with the exchange of communication.  Full names and contact information are often not exchanged in this case.  Instead, the birth parent and the adoptive family work with a third party to negotiate terms and the exchange of information.

Closed Adoption:

In a closed adoption, the birth mother’s identity will remain anonymous.  The birth mother can still choose the type of family, or even the exact family with whom to place her child, but they do not have any contact.

Making the decision to choose an adoption plan or to pursue another option is not an easy decision.  Making decisions regarding an unplanned pregnancy takes bravery and courage.  You deserve to have the most accurate and up-to-date information about adoption and every option that is available to you.

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