3 Things Needed Before Abortion

Unplanned pregnancies can be like any other unexpected medical diagnosis. It complicates our plans for the future and makes us wonder what the correct steps to take are. 

If you are considering an abortion as an option, there are a couple of recommended steps to take before you schedule your abortion procedure.

Lab-Quality Pregnancy Test

Whether you are relying on common symptoms such as a missed period or taking an at-home pregnancy test with a positive result, we offer no-cost, lab-quality pregnancy tests at our center so there is no room for doubt about your pregnancy status.

We can also help you calculate the best time to take your pregnancy test based on your last missed period to reduce the chance of getting a false negative.

Referral for On-Site, No-Cost Ultrasound

Referrals for on-site, first trimester ultrasounds are also available at no cost to provide medically accurate information about your pregnancy that may affect your eligibility for certain procedures.

One of the benefits of an ultrasound is that it can confirm the viability of your pregnancy. An estimated 26% of confirmed pregnancies end in miscarriage. If you rely on a positive pregnancy test, the body may still produce detectable levels of hCG (the hormone used to detect pregnancy), even if you have miscarried.

Perhaps most importantly, an ultrasound will confirm the location of your pregnancy. Suppose a pregnancy is ectopic, meaning it is located outside of the uterus. In that case, this is a life-threatening condition that should be treated immediately with a procedure other than an elective abortion. 

Pre-Abortion Consultation

At Life Choices Center, we also offer pre-abortion consultations where you can discuss your questions, learn about local resources, and receive medically accurate information in a safe, confidential and nonjudgmental space.  
We are here to walk alongside you and provide the support and information you need to feel empowered about your reproductive future. You are not alone! Contact us today to make an appointment!

Life Choices Center is not a medical facility and does not perform or refer for abortions.